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Paragon Technologies Europe can offer you full-fledged solutions regarding filtration as a distributor for RMF filtration systems and techniques.

RMF filter systems

RMF Systems offers a wide range of highly efficient filter systems for hydraulic and lubricating oil. And thus a solution for every pollution problem. The RMF filter systems are easy to install and have an immediate and lasting positive effect on the performance of the machine.

Remove sludge

The tolerances between moving parts in servo valves and proportional valves are constantly decreasing. As a result, even the smallest amounts of sludge can cause damage to the system. RMF filters remove sludge.

Stop oxidation

Necessary oil changes are often the result of chemical deterioration of the oil caused by the oxidation process. This process is triggered by the presence of sludge.

If water is also present, sludge acts as a catalyst and the oxidation process is accelerated again. RMF filters not only remove the sludge but also the water from the oil.

Achieve the desired degree of cleanliness of the oil

RMF filter systems are used in bypass or offline configurations. The filter systems continuously clean the oil from the reservoir. As a result, the oil that reaches the system is not only cleaner, but also has a longer service life.

The RMF filter therefore functions as a system filter: the filter that has the task of keeping the system fluid at the desired level of cleanliness under all circumstances. The main flow filter will mainly serve as a safety filter.

Remove Varnish from your system

With RMF we have the right solution to solve this problem.

Under control

To facilitate oil quality control, the RMF bypass and offline filter systems are equipped with two minimess measuring points. A particle counter can be connected to these measuring points. This offers the possibility to measure the cleanliness of the oil on site and under operating conditions (ISO 4406).

Oil samples can also be easily taken from the measuring points for external analysis.

Suitable for bio oil

RMF filter systems and elements are suitable for use with most biodegradable oils. But please check with us before use.

Environmentally friendly

There are increasingly strict environmental laws in the field of oil changes, oil storage and the disposal of waste oil. The use of RMF filter systems extends the life of the oil. As a result, the number of oil changes decreases and the amount of waste oil decreases. And the environment is less burdened.

Save money

A reduction in the number of failures due to contaminated oil means fewer breakdowns, less „downtime” and lower maintenance costs. But above all, it means a more reliable hydraulic system. And all those things save money, a lot of money.

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